Package javax.servlet.sip

Interface Summary
Address Represents SIP addresses as found, for example, in From, To, and Contact headers.
Proxy Represents the operation of proxying a SIP request.
ServletTimer Created by the TimerService for servlet applications wishing to schedule future tasks.
SipApplicationSession Represents application instances.
SipApplicationSessionListener Implementations of this interface recieve notifications about invalidated SipApplicationSession objects in the SIP application they are part of.
SipErrorListener Causes applications to be notified of various error conditions occurring during regular SIP transaction processing.
SipFactory Factory interface for a variety of SIP Servlet API abstractions.
SipServletMessage Defines common aspects of SIP requests and responses.
SipServletRequest Represents SIP request messages.
SipServletResponse Represents SIP responses.
SipSession Represents point-to-point SIP relationships.
SipSessionActivationListener Objects that are bound to a session may listen to container events notifying them that sessions will be passivated and that session will be activated.
SipSessionAttributeListener This listener interface can be implemented in order to get notifications of changes to the attribute lists of sessions within this SIP servlet application.
SipSessionBindingListener Causes an object to be notified when it is bound to or unbound from a SipSession.
SipSessionListener Implementations of this interface are notified of changes to the list of active SipSessions in a SIP servlet application.
SipURI Represents sip and sips URIs.
TelURL Represents tel URLs as defined by RFC 2806.
TimerListener Listener interface implemented by SIP servlet applications using timers.
TimerService Allows SIP servlet applications to set timers in order to receive notifications on timer expiration.
URI Base interface for any type of URI.

Class Summary
SipApplicationSessionEvent Notification that a SipApplicationSession has expired.
SipErrorEvent Events of this type are sent to objects implementing the SipErrorListener interface when an error occurs which is related to the applications processing of a SIP transaction.
SipServlet Provides an abstract class to be subclassed to create a SIP servlet.
SipSessionBindingEvent Events of this type are either sent to an object that implements SipSessionBindingListener when it is bound or unbound from a session, or to a SipSessionAttributeListener that has been configured in the deployment descriptor when any attribute is bound, unbound or replaced in a session.
SipSessionEvent This is the class representing event notifications for changes to SipSessions within a SIP servlet application.

Exception Summary
Rel100Exception Indicates that a provisional response cannot be sent reliably.
ServletParseException Thrown by the container when an application attempts to parse a malformed header or addressing structure.
TooManyHopsException Thrown when a SIP Servlet application attempts to obtain a Proxy object for a request with a Max-Forwards header with value 0.

SIP Servlet API 1.0