From Wesip

From Wesip

FIrst download and install OpenSER. Latest tested version was 1.3. More recent OpenSIPs and Kamailio versions have not been tested. OpenSER 1.3 versions can be found at

Seas will _not_ work with OpenSER releases previous to 1.2, neither over TLS.

You also need a Java 5 compliant JVM.


make modules=modules/tm modules
make modules=modules/seas modules


./openser -w .


The Ip and Port where OpenSER is listening MUST be the same as the "addresses" parameter in <Connector> tag in server.xml for the JAVA program. The listen_sockets IP and Port parameter must be the same as present in SER_ADDRESS and SER_PORT properties in the server.xml.

This is some configuration for the openser.cfg file:


listen = tcp:
listen = udp:

loadmodule "modules/tm/"
loadmodule "modules/seas/"

modparam("seas", "listen_sockets","")


and this is the corresponding server.xml piece of configuration...


        <Connector className="com.voztele.sipservlet.connector.SipConnector"
        minProcessors="5" maxProcessors="75"
        enableLookups="true" acceptCount="10" debug="10"
        addresses="" pathName="com.voztele" protocol="UDP" >
                       <Property key="com.voztele.javax.sip.SER_ADDRESS" value="" />
                       <Property key="com.voztele.javax.sip.SER_PORT" value="5080" />
                       <Property key="javax.sip.STACK_NAME" value="app_server-1" />
                       <Property key="com.voztele.javax.sip.THREAD_POOL_SIZE" value="10" />
                       <Property key="com.voztele.javax.sip.REENTRANT_LISTENER" value="true" />