From Wesip

From Wesip

The following SIP specific listener interfaces exist:

  • - javax.servlet.sip.SipApplicationSessionListener: Invoked whenever a SipApplicationSession is created, destroyed or has timed out.
  • - javax.servlet.sip.SipSessionListener: Notified when a SipSession is created or destroyed.
  • - javax.servlet.sip.SipSessionAttributeListener: Invoked when attributes are added, replaced or removed from the context.
  • - javax.servlet.sip.SipErrorListener: Called upon loss of an expected ACK or PRACK.
  • - javax.servlet.sip.TimerListener: Used to track expiration of Timers

All of them are declared in the SIP application deployment descriptor sip.xml using the listener tag.

Other two kinds of listeners are:

  • - javax.servlet.sip.SipSessionBindingListener: Used for notification of attribute binding and unbinding.
  • - javax.servlet.sip.SipSessionActivationListener: Notification of session activation or passivation.

Those listeners aren't declared in the deployment descriptor but simply stored as attributes of the SipSession they are supposed to monitor.

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